" Rebreather Travel Frame For Evolution & Inspiration Rebreather







Back view

Main Features:

  • The Frame can be used with Evolution and Inspiration canister.

  • Weight 2.7 Kg 

  • 50 cm long 

  • Diam 21 cm

  • 3 mm AG 3 aluminium

  • Laser cut

  • Professionnal welding

  • Hard anodization with colorisation

  • 2 Cam band supports to attach tanks provided. 

  • Can be kept as a hand luggage in a plane even with the canister inside.

  • Full protection of the canister including the side snorkel.

  • Can fit up to 4 tanks. 

  • Pre drilled holes to fit most of  "quick release tank supports".

  • Pre drilled holes to put your Evolution handle allowing you to use your 2 hands to carry your rebreather.

  • Pre drilled holes to attach your diluant manifold.  

  • Pre drilled holes to attach your surface marker at the bottom of the frame.

  • Your weights can be fixed at the bottom of the frame avoiding the need to have a weight belt (your back will appreciate).

  • Reinforcement of the Frame to have a flat contact between the Frame and Backplate.

  • All Stainless Steal nuts & bolts needed are provided.

  • Rubber protection for the top and bottom  to protect the frame and the boat from scratching.

  • Rubber protection of the handle.

  • Possibility to add Stainless Steel Handle
  • Possibility to add Stainless Steel Stand
  • Please see on  NEXT PAGE for details on how to set up the Frame.



Inside view

Top view

Frame with 4 kg of lead

Reinforcement for Backplate

Front view

Side view


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